Time Packages

Additional Services


ZN1Lisboa Cidade30,00
ZN2Grande Lisboa50,00
ZN3Other Locationsby budget

Intervention Schedule (Urgent)

SU119h00 to 21h00100,00
SU221h00 to 00h00125,00
SU3após to 00h00200,00


Subscriptions and time packages will be delivered on calendar working days from 10 am to 6 pm. All interventions requested outside this period will be considered extra urgent and paid on time at the time of intervention according to the schedule of interventions. Travel is not included.
  • All hardware that is required for a given intervention is not included in it and will be subject to prior budget approval.
  • Interventions have a minimum tax period of one hour.
  • For subscriptions in other periods, contact us.
  • All prices quoted include VAT at the legal rate.