About m.repair® / QuickRestore®

We love technology and passionate about the Apple platform.

m.repair® is a company dedicated to the Apple world. We do love technology and passionate about the Apple platform! Combining unmatched experience, m.repair® trains and certifies its entire team to have a thorough understanding of all Apple hardware and software as well as in some hybrid environments.

Our team's ongoing research and training in new products, system solutions and spare parts or upgrades enables m.repair® to uniquely collaborate with its customers, whether business, private or even institutional, and thus help them. Achieve high levels of performance and performance while creating sustainable value. 

Our strategy for achieving high levels of performance is based on solid experience and knowledge of Apple technology. Among the many attributes that distinguish m.repair® in the market, we highlight:

  • Extensive experience of nearly two decades; 
  • Wide range of personalized services.

The way we express and behave towards our customers has a strong impact on their experience. It is vital for every customer to feel that "it is easier with m.repair®." 

Our four values shape and define the culture and character of the company, thus guiding all our actions and providing a solid foundation for building long-term relationships.

Commitment and rigor in our work

Using our global network of knowledge and relationships.

We encourage the ability to work in groups, consistently achieving exceptional results and services for our customers.

Skill and focus on details

Have the best professionals.

Attract and develop the best talent for m.repair® by extracting the best from your professionals and increasing positive attitudes.

Passion for what we do

Taste for excellence and Apple® products

Pride in improving our clients business performance, creating long-term, mutually profitable relationships and focusing on excellence.

Respect and integrity

Inspire confidence by taking responsibility, acting ethically.

Value diversity by ensuring an attractive and inclusive environment and treating all people as we would like to be treated.